A Colette combo – Sorbetto Top and Clover Pants

I realised for someone who is in love with Colette Patterns I wrote very little about them in my blog. I think that was because most of my Colette cloths were made before I started blogging, and they were all in summer weight fabric – like the Sorbetto top and Clover pants combo.


IMG_8398The top was made out of one metre green/purple silk from the giant fabric haul in Hangzhou silk market. One metre was not enough to make an entire top, obviously, so I had to use some white poly adding to the front and back, and to make bias tapes. This idea was inspired stole from the adorable Lauren from guthrie and ghani. I eliminated the pleat on the front, in order for a simpler look and to save fabric.

There is not much else have not been said about this pattern, it is free, simple yet produces beautiful results! I french seamed everywhere I could, and reinforced the neckline and sleeve edges with iron-on bias tape, to prevent gaping and for added strength.

The trousers were made of pink pique (that is e with an apostrophe) from Stonefabrics.co.uk. (they have a website but only offer mail ordering service, very old fashioned.) The pique has some stretch to it, which was called for in this pattern. I didn’t make a muslin but left a generous seam allowance to allow for future adjusting. I sewed a size 12 according to my waist measurement. Oh my godness those pants are huge, I felt like I was wearing a sack. I had to cut a lot excess off along the side seams and inner leg seams (sorry for my amateur terminology). The crotch depth was still too long, which you can probably tell from the photo. I also broke the zipper on the side, now it was stuck, so I added a little pants hook and eye to fasten. Due to the stretch of the pants i am still able to pull them up without opening the zip, and they are wearable but I had to constantly pull them up otherwise they will fall down! I am considering to add some belt loops so I can wear them with a belt. This is still a great pattern though, I just need to figure out the fitting issues next time (in a winter weight wool maybe?)

Happy weekend