My name is Miss X and  I am a self taught seamstress (not a sewer, as the infrastructure that conveys sewage). I love making my own cloths and soft upholstery, and occasionally for the man of my life. I live in Glasgow and my dream is to become a pattern designer one day. Apart from sewing, I love cycling, taking random photos and travelling.

I sew (almost) exclusively independent pattern companies’ patterns as I find them far more interesting and inspiring than the big 4. My favourite patterns are from Colette, Megan Nielsen and I am getting to know By Hand London, Cake patterns and Papercut patterns recently and become quite smitten by them too.  I will be doing reviews on the patterns I sew and hopefully release a self draft pattern by the end of 2013. So stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Enjoyed looking at your creations. I saw one of your reviews on Pattern Review’s site. Your clothes are cute. If you don’t mind a suggestion – something I noticed with the pretty white dress – is I think you would do well to do a full bust adjustment. If you did it on the white dress, the result would be a smoother line from the sleeve to bust. Also, I think it would make the neckline fit a bit closer to your body and should eliminate the way it comes forward a bit.

    I’m trying to return to sewing after many years away from it. I recently bought a Simplicity fitted shirt pattern that came with three different fronts. One for A/B cup, the others for C and D. (I’d always added a bit around the bust under the arm and lengthened the front a bit.) I tissue fitted all three fronts and was totally amazed at the difference the C and D cup adjustments made. I’ve decided to take the time to do a proper adjustment from now on. Try it. I think you’ll like it.

    Keep up the good work and good luck in the future. Sewing Canary.

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