London Trip and Megan Nielsen Crescent Top

London is one of my my favorite cities. We usually spend a long weekend there every year.  There’re so many things one can do in London, the city never sleeps. Our London days and nights are always  filled with a variety of events such as gallery going, shopping, exploring market, drinking cocktails, watching shows etc. Which is great except it leads to one critical question – what to wear?  I want to dress comfortably strolling London streets as well as sitting in nice restaurants/bars without looking like a country mouse. I used to have a vintage (secondhand) Jaeger velvet  jacket which I call the London jacket as I wear it every time I visit London. It’s a bit worn, which is fine, but the lining was completely worn out ( one of these days I am gonna do something about it).

This time I decided to rationalise and bring only one jacket and one pairs of trousers – a faux leather biker jacket from Zara ( it’s no Jaeger but it will do) and my “feel good” Levis jeans. I know I still need a versatile Top to be a key player. I turned to Megan Nielsen breakwater collection and there it is – the Crescent Blouse. What  I live about it is how it is so sweet yet holds the right amount of edge/sassiness which would go well with with the biker jacket.

The construction of the Crescent Blouse was an absolute pleasure. The fitting is almost straight out of the envelope. Megan’s sizing is always very accurate, and I think the boxy shape of this top also helped. Due to the unusual cut-out yokes, if you have a broad or narrow shoulder it will be prudent to make a muslin first to ensure the cut-out sit directly above your shoulders. And you will need a cross-over bra so the stapes will not show. Check your wardrobe before rushing to the shops as you might already have a pair. Any bra can be a cross-over as long as the straps are not sewed to the back but fastened by bra fasteners.

It was a easy enough project but just with the right amount of challenges to keep me on my toes.  As always, Megan’s instructions are so good, and you just have to believe in everything she says even the sequence of joining the seams sometimes do seem a bit odd (that is due to the French seams!). I had doubts in the instruction so I did some mods unfortunately I was wrong and I had to rip my seams off, and still ended up a not-so-fench waist seam.

Apart from French seams, there’re a few other challenges such as using bias tapes as facing, making curved rolled hems, and making self-covered buttons. They were a bit fiddly but I ended up enjoyed doing them ( who I am kidding I loathe self-covered buttons and but the rest parts were true!)

The fabric I used is a gorgeous teal colour silk from Hangzhou Silk market. It is so soft and I want to rub my face all over it. It was sueded so it is fantastically easy to sew,  soft, colourful and easy to sew- you cannot get  any better than this.  I was holding this for a long time for the perfect project and I am glad I did.

During the weekend the top sees a lot of wear – I went to food market in it, sipping beer at the hotel lounge in it, went to Michelin star restaurant in it and I can say that it is a winner! So comfortable yet so effortlessly chic. In all the occasions I never felt under/over dressed and totally at ease. It is now my official London Top! On one desperate Monday Morning, I even tucked it in my pencil skirt and went to a client meeting, with a pair of golden triangle  earrings and oranges shoes (both bought from Spitalfield Market,London). It was a total colour clash, but oddly it worked!

Bottom line: A True Love. And go get yourself a pair of cross-over.ImageImageImage


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